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International Programming Aptitude test

A test tailor-made for educational institutions to screen candidates and identify those who  have the aptitude to be the best IT programmers and software developers.  Candidates don't need any prior programming experience - it tests aptitude, not programming knowledge.  Test results available in minutes!


Who It's For

For education institutions to evaluate a candidate's aptitude and potential for programming.

What it Measures

How good of a programmer will the candidate be and why.


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Over 25 years ago, Bruce Winrow, experienced author of countless aptitude tests, created the International Programming Aptitude Test (I-PAT) specifically for sale to the educational market.  Since then, it has been sold to educational institutions through North America and beyond.  We continue to adapt the test to meet emerging needs in the digital age.

We stand firm in the belief that interviews, grades, portfolios, and references are not always  sufficient indicators of a candidate's potential as a programmer or developer, and that testing plays a strong role in identifying the best possible applicants.


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